Common Mistakes When Purchasing a Vacuum Cleaner

purchase vacuum cleanerThere are so many common mistakes people make when they purchase a vacuum cleaner we thought it important to write this article. Being in the repair business we get to talk to a lot of customers with vacuum problems. Amazing as it sounds, the average American buys a new machine every two years! When most people buy a new machine, it’s usually in a department store. They saw someone on TV telling them all about pet hair pick up, not really considering if the machine will be reliable, if parts are available, if it will last a long time, or where it can be repaired or serviced. The sales assistants usually know nothing about vacuums and the worst part is you can’t try it out for yourself. So when you leave the store with a box in the shopping cart, you really don’t have much of an idea of what you have bought.

The best person to ask about most products is someone who repairs them for a living. The decision to purchase a vacuum cleaner is something you want to get right! You’ll use it all the time.

At East Main Vac and Sew, we have spent over 20 years repairing vacuum cleaners and other machines and have a very good picture of what works and what doesn’t make the grade.

Our new vacuum machines are:

  • on display and ready to use.
  • ready to be tried out to see for yourself and if that vacuum cleaner will meet your needs.
  • Also you get professional expert knowledgeable advice.

When you spend your hard earned money to purchase vacuum cleaner, you deserve to have a machine that will work very well, be reliable, and last a long time. Talk to a professional vacuum cleaner specialist!