Vacuum Repair

Vacuum Repair

vacuum repairVacuum Repair

Is your vacuum cleaner losing suction or pickup? Or perhaps you often hear that disturbing sound each time you use it? In view of these conditions, it may be time to have it checked-up by the professionals East Main Vac and Sew. Although we do not wish for it to happen, vacuum cleaners may face wear and tear at a certain point. For this reason, it is highly suggested to fix the problem at the earliest time possible before it is too late.

       vacuum repairDoes Your Vacuum?

  • Make strange noises?

  • Smell bad?

  • Not pick up?

  • Have terrible suction?

Do not be afraid if you suddenly heard that popping noise right from your vacuum cleaners or when you smell that your vacuum is burning. All you need to do is to stop using it, switch it off and bring it to East Main Vac and Sew for a check up. We will be willing to take a look at your cleaner. Whatever the concern is with your vacuum, we can definitely repair it.

       We Offer Vacuum Repair Such As

  • Vacuum Repair

  • Tune-up for your vacuum (maintenance service)

  • Repairs of all brands of vacuums

  • Vacuum accessory parts

  • Bags for your specific vacuum

  • Vacuum belts

  • Filters for any type of vacuum

All vacuums serviced by us are cleaned and sanitized with Spray NineTM.